Does Your Home Have Aluminum Home Wiring?

Some homes built in the 60's to late 70's were wired with aluminum wiring to save on the higher cost of using copper wiring at that time. Since then, home insurance companies have started to resist insuring homes with aluminum wiring because of the fire safety concerns that aluminum wiring can be associated with. Although safe when installed intially, many of these homes are now subject to having an ESA inspection to see if they are still meeting all electrical code requirements. Call or email us for a free estimate.

Do I need to replace my aluminum wiring?

The short answer is No! There is no need to spend many thousands of dollars replacing all the aluminum wiring in your home when we can make all of the necessary upgrades to the existing aluminum wiring at a fraction of the cost. Many problems arise when over time a home owner replaces receptacles, switches, wiring etc. with incompatible products to aluminum wiring. This is turn can lead to bad connections, burning of wiring jackets and in the end put your home at risk to fire.

Meeting Home Insurance Requirements

We can thoroughly inspect, make the necessary upgrades and re-certify your home to meet home insurance policy requirements while saving you the major expense of completely rewiring your home. On your behalf, we will submit a letter to your insurance company stating that we have inspected and corrected all issues regarding your home's aluminum electrical wiring and that your home is properly wired, completely safe and meets ESA standards.

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