Service Upgrades

We will analyse your specific service upgrade needs, make suggestions and give a free detailed estimate for the work needed to complete your upgrades. With many homes still having a 60amp electrical service installed, many insurance companies have started to resist insuring homes with this size of service. An upgrade to at least a 100amp service is now required to meet most insurance needs on home policies. Call or email us for a free estimate.

Fuse Panel Upgrades

Whether it is simply replacing your existing fuse panel with a breaker switch panel or upgrading from a 60amp electrical service to a 100 or 200amp service we can service any of your electrical service upgrades in your home, garage, barn or business.

Overhead to Underground Service Upgrades

For property aesthetics or to eliminate the ongoing maintenance of trimming trees we can also upgrade your service by replacing your existing overhead wiring with an underground service. Call or email us for a free estimate.

Traditional fuse panel before electical service upgrade
Before - Electrical Panel Service Upgrade
New breaker panel showing a finished electrical service upgrade
After - Electrical Panel Service Upgrade

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