Solar Panels

Dunn's Electric has been a solar panel service contractor for many Solar Energy Companies and property owners over the past 10 years. We not only supply the initial solar panel electrical service installation but also carry out ongoing solar panel maintenance and repair services.

Service Maintenance

Many property owners rely on Dunn's Electric to supply yearly preventive maintenance to their solar panels. As part of our maintenance service, we check energy production, service all components and repair any issues. Whether you have a tracker, stationary or rooftop solar panel unit, our experienced team can provide a thorough service check to keep your panels operating at peak energy production.

Your Production Down?

Even though solar panels are a relatively new technology, in the last few years we have found ourselves servicing units because of low production issues. With a simple service call, we can usually determine the source of your unit's problem. Whether its a vboard, inverter, or motor our experienced technicians will test and determine the source of your problem and fix the issue. Call or email us to schedule a maintenance service.


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