Century Home Rewiring

Dunn's Electrical Contractors has rewired 100's of century old homes throughout Owen Sound and the surrounding Grey/Bruce area. Specializing in rewiring old homes has made us very efficient at replacing knob and tube wiring and installing completely new wiring throughout your home. Because of our vast experience with old wiring, there is nothing in your older home we haven't seen before..

Keeping Your Home Intact

We've developed a unique system in rewiring old homes that can give you the necessary upgrades in wiring while keeping your home's walls and interior finishes intact. Why pay less for an inexperienced electrician, then spend 100's or 1,000's of dollars to repair your walls, floors or ceilings.

Meeting Home Insurance Requirements

When purchasing a home or renewing an insurance policy, you will often find it is a requirement to replace all knob and tube wiring before being eligible to insure your home. At Dunns Electric, upon completion, an Electrical Safety Authority Certificate will be issued which can be used to confirm with your insurance agent that your house is electrically safe and meets all electrical code requirements for home insurance protection.

Competitively Priced

Before starting your home rewire, we analyse your specific needs, make suggestions and give you a Free Detailed Estimate showing all the costs and work involved. Our pricing is very competitive with old home rewiring projects because of how efficient we have become over the many years of carrying out this type of old home electrical work. Call or email us for a free estimate.

No Job Is Too Small